How do you choose your motorcycle goggles?

Motorcycle goggles is a lifesaving equipment, that is needed not only for professional moto riders. Every person who is thinking of riding a motorcycle should be able to choose the right. And even if you have protection glass and a shield screed on your bike, there is never enough safety.

During your ride, the motorcycle goggles will be protecting you from dust and any sharp objects coming directly into your eye. Sometimes the sunlight or heavy rain can cause you a lot of trouble too. Goggles are aimed to help you.

When you are choosing goggle make sure that their lenses are made of plastic, but not the glass. Glass can be too fragile and can break during your ride, which is a possibility for you to stay without an eye.

Take a close look at your goggles rim. It must be wide. While you are driving it is critical to have a good vision of everything that is happening on the road. So narrow goggles will be a problem. Also, the rim must be solid from all the sides – so while you keep putting it on and off, it doesn’t break. And try not to buy your motorcycle goggles online. You should be able to try them on together with your helmet before you purchase them.

The plastic lenses for motorcycle goggles can be different too:

  • The mirror ones look very stylish and protect you well from direct sunlight. But the vision in them going down after it gets dark;
  • Shadowed goggles will protect you from the sunlight as well, but they are not preventing ultraviolet coming directly on your eyes;
  • Yellow lenses are perfect for riding your bike early in the morning or late evening. The yellow colour is giving more contrast to the picture, while the lightning is poor.

Clear lenses are giving you the best vision, plus they will protect your eyes from dust and wind. But during the bright sunlight falling or in the dark they will not give you too much comfort.

Bear in mind, that your goggles must be strongly attached to your face and them condensation should not appear inside them. For those reasons you might want to choose goggles with special technologies: – with small halls in the bottom part; – with anti-fog system lenses

Before you buy the motorcycle goggles, always pay attention to the material their band is made of, it should be silicone, so it is flexible and wraps safely around your head. See if the rim is narrow or wide – the wide one is better, as it will not be leaving too many marks on your face after the ride.

Now when you have our recommendations on how to choose your motorcycle goggles, take those to your consideration and be safe on the road.


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